Client Ebbets Field Flannels
Year/Season 2014 Summer
Category Campaign
Discipline(s) Produce, Creative Direction, Project Management, Content Production Strategy Brand Identity, Social Media, Content


Photographer(s) R. Ronquillo
Model(s) A. Owerka-Moore, J. Thrower
Producer, Director J. Ignacio


We pride ourselves in not just objectively building a brands personality, but being real participants in a brands space. In 2014 we expressed to Seattle based sportswear brand, Ebbets Field Flannels how much we appreciated what they’ve done and doing at the time, with their caps and sharing the history of what the brand was predicated on, baseball and sports history. From their production process, to their fabric development and sourcing all the way to their signature satin green under bill, we produced this look book campaign to express the essential ideals and persona that Ebbets exudes.

The creative production was spear headed by New Jersey born and raised photographer, Randy Ronquillo while creative direction, styling and casting directed by Navy Navy.